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Keep Your Property Beautiful with Routine Lawn Maintenance

Enhance your property with the help of Precision Landscaping & Lawn Services, Inc. We offer extensive landscape design and maintenance services for homeowners, HOAs, and businesses throughout Lexington, North Carolina.

Lawn Maintenance

There's more to lawn care than simply cutting grass. Our experts understand how plants grow and what it takes to create a professional looking lawn. We practice aeration to allow air and water to circulate throughout your lawn and lay down fertilizer to promote root and leaf growth.

Our Specialties Include:

Seasonal Color | Landscape Management | Seeding | Weed Control in Beds & Grass Areas | Annual Cleanup & Fine-Tuning | Lawn Mowing | Edging Landscaped Beds | Installing Mulch or Pine Needles (Usually Twice a Year) | Planting Seasonal Flowers | Cutting & Trimming around Pool Areas or Ponds | Trimming Bushes & Trees | Plug Aeration | Light Grading | Shrub Sculpting

The Many Advantages of a Gorgeous Landscape

A well-maintained landscape around your subdivision or office complex gives a polished look and helps maintain the value of your property. It can also deter criminal activities. Burglars look for areas that may not be secure, such as areas that have overgrown grass and shrubs. Regular lawn and landscaping maintenance can go a long way toward maintaining security.

Commercial Services

By employing dependable, cost-conscious landscapers, you are acknowledging your homeowner's association and business's budget constraints. It also shows you care about getting the most value for your dollar. Take advantage of a seasonal or annual contract to lock in the prices for a designated time period.